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Graffiti has become part of our culture. With its eye-catching, colorful motifs, it has become a familiar sight as we go about our daily travels. However, the people behind these skillfully-sprayed statements tend to remain unknown and in the shadows. Why do they do it? What do they want to change when they transform gray concrete into works of art? These individuals are the subject of Falk Lehmann's Insight. He gives personalities to those who would otherwise remain an anonymous face. And he doesn't stop there: he redefines their identities by projecting their own paintings atop their facial features as a sort of second skin, which inextricably links them to their life experiences and stories. Only someone like Lehmann could get this close to street and graffiti artists, who generally prefer to remain invisible, because he himself has spent more than two decades in this underground scene. In addition to his work as a photorealistic graffiti artist, Lehmann is also a painter and photographer.

Falk Lehmann launched his career as a street and graffiti artist with the Ma'Claim group after completing his degree in visual communications and graphic design at Bauhaus University, Weimar. He continues to create hyper-realistic works, just as he did when he first started out. Working together with the artist Hera under the name "Herkut," he participates in many different monumental projects around the world: from Toronto to Kathmandu and San Francisco to Melbourne. The duo also sells prints, organizes charity auctions, leads workshops, and holds joint exhibitions of their work.

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